Marble Vase Urns with Base
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Marble Vase Urns with Base
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Marble Vase Urns With Base

Our special  line of natural,  nature made marble vases comes from a solid piece of marble carved by true old-world artisans.  Each and every marble vase is 100% real stone and comes in 3 different colors (Black, Carmel and White) and three different sizes (Small, Medium, Large).  Each vase also comes with a solid  beautifully contoured walnut wooden base with a personalized brass name plate affixed to wooden base. The vase will make not only a beautiful final resting place for your little "Best Friend" but will look equisite in any room you choose to place it.  Each marble pet vase after carving is polished to have a semi-gloss finish.  You will find NO two vases alike.  Since they are natural marble and Mother Nature produced them each and every marble pet urn vase is unique and special in its own appearance,  just as your pet is unique and special and no one else has one like him or her.

Your pet's ashes are installed through the top of the vase and a plastic plug is inserted for closure (we provide the plastic plug).  We also recommend to seal the marble top lid with a clear silicon (we also provide that) for safety and permanent closure.  We also apply an aggressive double-sided tape (with peel-off covering) to the bottom of the vase so that you can attach the vase to the walnut base.  This will just add greater stability to the urn so when you display the marble vase your urn has exstra stability and will be extra safe and secure.

***Colors and patterns may vary with each urn as they are products of Mother Nature.  Some customers have said the white vases look somewhat light greyish and carmel vases have been described as brown agate in appearance 

Size L x W x H  Pet Size **
Small 4" x 4" x 7" 0-20 lb. pets
Medium 5" x 5" x 9" 21-50 lb. pets
Large 6" x 6" x 12" 51-125 lb. pets
**This is live pet weight**
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