Rock Cremation Urns - White
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Rock Cremation Urns - White
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Our Limestone reproduction rock urn is designed and manufactured to look and feel like the real stone. And yes it really does.  They are made from a mixture of real granite rock powder and a high quality resins and coated with a durable polyurethane finish.  This coating is what protects the memorial rock urns from the rain and sunshine year after year  whether it is indoors in a special place, on a patio or even by the pool or flower bed.  It is a wonderful memorial to your pet where ever you decide to put it.

You insert your pets ashes in the bottom of the urn.  The urn has a threaded screw-on bottom closure and comes with a tube of silicone sealant which helps provide tamper resistant protection for your loving pets ashes. 

These beautiful Limestone Memorial Rock Urns come in 2 sizes so you can choose which size you want and need.  Many multiple pet owners with purchase the large urns and as each of ther loving pets pass they add their ashes to the urn so that they may be together forever now.  

 These new Limestone Rock urns are available in the two (2) attractive sizes of Medium (0-70 pound pets) or Large (71-240 pound pets). Many clients purchase the Large Rock urn to be used for multiple pets over time or simply because they desire a more prominent backyard memorial.
Size L x W x H * Pet Size **
Medium approx. 8" x 6" x 11" 0 - 65 lbs.
Large approx. 13" x 8" x 12" 66 - 240 lbss.
​*Approximate urn dimensions ** Live Weight of Pet​​*Approximate urn dimensions ** Live Weight of Pet

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