Teddy Bear Keepsake Urn
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Teddy Bear Keepsake Urn
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Teddy Bear Keepsake Urns

Our Teddy Bear Urns are make of top quality material and craftsmenship.  They are as beautiful and plush as they are useful.  They are perfect to sit on a bed, dresser, or any place you might want to sit them.  Also, they are soft and furry for the little ones to handle.  The Teddy Bears comes in 3 different colors (Brown, Tan, and White) and each Teddy Bear comes with a small red heart to hold on to.  These Teddy Bear Urns are an excellent way to help children cope with the loss of there beloved pet, (in many cases there "Best Buddy").  Since some of the pets ashes are in the bear, many children feel like their furry best friend are always with them and watching over them.  And the  embroidery on the bears foot reads "Forever In My Heart", which many children feel that message is directed directly at them, which helps them also feel a little more secure with the death of there pet and cope with it better also.  

 Since the Teddy Bear Urns are relatively inexpensive, many of the parents will purchase a bear for each one of their children so all children in the household feel somewhat better having there own closeness to their lost pet,  therefore they cope with it better also.

Each bear is approximately 13" left to right,  12" tall and 9" front-to-back, and comes with a  small plastic container with a secure twist-top for holding a small quantity of ashes while inside the urn.  Each Bear has a Velcro opening in the bottom for the easy installation of your pets ashes (about 10 Cubic inches of remains).  Since it is a "Keepsake" urn, you are not able to put all of your pets ashes in to one single bear.  

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